One Night Dead

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You slide your phone into you pocket and snatch the cordless office phone from its cradle charger.

You dial a quick three digit number that sends a call to room 16. As you wait, listening to the tinny ringing through the phone you move to the door of the office, propping it open with your hip as you stand in the doorway. Now you hear the phone in 16 ringing two ways, through the phone and through the slightly opened door.

No one answers the phone, it simply keeps ringing and ringing. You pull the phone from your ear and click it off. You step back inside the office completely, letting the door swing shut in front of you as you dial Mr. Burrows. He answers on the third ring, sounding tired and agitated. You explain the call you received from Sarah, and how you intend on leaving the motel to go find your girlfriend.
Mr. Burrows flicks on his TV, you hear the sudden din in the background of your call. “Oh my God,” Your boss says then, and before you can answer what, he’s gone, his phone hung up and nothing but a droning dial tone on your end. You hang up and drop the phone back onto its charger, intent on driving down to the city.

You quickly gather all of your belongings and head out to your car. You glance down to room 16 once more, surprised to see the door hanging all the way open now. You can’t see anyone inside the room, but to be honest the only thing you’re worried about right now is your girlfriend. You jog to your car and dump your stuff onto the passenger seat as you lower yourself behind the wheel and you’ve got the car started and the thing in reverse before you even shut the door.

Your about to gun the gas when you look into the rearview mirror and are shocked to see someone standing behind you. You don’t recognize the person but you’re sure something is wrong with them. It’s a woman, and her face is pale white and her lower jaw and the front of her shirt is stained crimson red. You’re confident its blood. A part of you wants to just gun the car and run her down, but you know you could never do that, could you? You should really get out and make sure she’s okay.

1) Run the bitch over!

2) Check on the poor thing!


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