What is One Night Dead?

‘One Night Dead’ is an old school, “Choose Your Own Adventure” style story for adults centered around ZOMBIES!

Settle in for another long midnight shift at the “Pine Woods Motor Inn”. Extra awesome; your girlfriend is out having a fun night of partying in the city. The motel is usually very quiet because, well, no one in their right mind ever comes here. The place scrapes by with the very rare, very odd traveler who can’t afford to stay in the city or are stuck with car trouble for the night. Speaking of odd; some jittery out-of-towners checked in earlier in the day. Your co-worker on the day shift said that they looked “stressed”. You hope they aren’t trouble, or freaky meth-heads, or otherwise disrupt your plans to sleep through most of your shift. Your friends, the TV and the web begin to report that something is strange; violence has broken out at a night hotspot in the city. You worry about your girlfriend, but she seems to be fine. You look forward to the glorious morning sunshine that will signal the end of your shift and your chance to hit on the maid when she comes in for the day. At least that was the plan until she ran screaming from the room with your three strangers. What kind of freaky crap could those people be up to? Does it have something to do with the strange events on the news? You’re the only one working, this is your responsibility. How are you going to handle this? The only way to find out is by becoming a member of Project O.N.D.

Project O.N.D.
Project O.N.D was created for diehard fans of the undead and the macabre. Zombie fiction made by horror lovers, for horror lovers! We all love a good zombie story from time to time, and now we can share in the enjoyment of reading and creating the ultimate zombie story together. That’s right, this project is not only for the readers out there, but allows horror loving members to take part and have a hand in crafting the ultimate horror story. O.N.D. (One Night Dead) is an old school, “Choose Your Own Adventure” style story for adults that love the zombie genre, and want to immerse themselves in a world of snapping, flesh hungry jaws and festering, bloated, walking corpses. Please, help to support this project by becoming a member. You can support Project O.N.D. by submitting and adding to the ongoing story or even just by reading what our passionate, zombie loving members have written for “One Night Dead”, and sharing it with your fellow zombie lovers. Plus, the world will always need solid battle plans and strategies for human survival when the zombie apocalypse comes, so joining now means you’ll do your part to help ensure that civilization quickly survives and recovers the inevitable meltdown cause by the undead apocalypse. History will be sure to shower accolades on those who helped stack the odds in favor of humanity.

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