One Night Dead

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Obviously you aren’t the type of person to run someone over.

You put the car in park and climb out, running to the woman standing behind you.

“Are you all right?” you say, but she doesn’t answer. She notices you though, her head lulling to one side as her eyes pick you up. She holds her arms around you as if to hug you, but you stop well short of her.

“Mam?” you ask, but still she doesn’t answer. She stumbles forward, walking like a toddler might, where they lean their body forward and just hope their legs keep up. You take three giant steps back. “Listen, just stop right there and I can help you. Are you hurt?”

The woman just isn’t herself, you’re starting to realize. She comes forward still, her mouth opening and closing over and over, her teeth shining red with blood. “Enough!” you try, yelling it and stepping forward just to make sure she knows you mean it. “Fucking enough!”

Stepping forward was a mistake, because now the woman lunges forward, grabbing onto your shirt with her fingers, pulling you off balance and sending you both to the ground. The woman is quicker than she looks and before you know it she’s scrabbling to get on top of you. It figures, women always go after guys in relationships. “Get off!” you yell, grabbing the bloody woman by the shoulders and pushing her to the side. She hits her head on the side of your car, giving you time to get to your feet. The woman climbs to her feet to and is stepping towards you once more. What do you do?

1) I’ve seen enough movies, fucking put this chick down!

2) Run back into the office!

3) Run down to room 16, see if someone there knows what the hell is going on.


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