One Night Dead

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“Rise and shine!”

You slowly open your eyes to see Suzy, the maid, looking down at you from the head of the chair.

You quickly jump up trying to look all-cool.

“Uh, uh….ya, I must of dozed off there for a minute” you say.

Suzy had let herself in, as all of the employees had a key to the place. One more cool thing about Mr. Burrows.

“Shit, I must have slept all night.” you think.

You adjust your eyes and make your way out to the front office. You look over and see that the vehicle is still parked in front of room 16. Looks like you won’t be leaving anytime soon.

You hand Suzy the room list for the day and tell her it’s good to see her again. She winks at you and tells you that you can see a lot more of her if you wanted.

You both laugh and Suzy heads out the door towards the maid’s room.

She usually starts with the couple rooms the contractors have rented out, as they’re always up at the crack of dawn to head to the job.

There’s a few other rooms that need to be cleaned from the week before too.

“Shit!” you exclaim, remembering that you have to stick around, as Mr. B. can’t make it in this morning.

You hope that room 16 checks out soon.

“Fuck it!” you say, and go back to the office to lie down again.

It’s now checkout time. You’ve been up the past hour getting ready to split. You counted your float again and made sure things are in shape for when Mr. B. comes in later.

You’ve been waiting the past half hour so that you can ring room 16 and tell them it’s time to go.

You press 116 on the main switchboard. The phone begins ringing…….You let it ring and ring……. No answer.

You call down to the maid’s room and can see Suzy going back into the room, from the front office to answer the phone.

“So you ready to see the rest of me now?” she answers with a laugh.

You tell her that you rang room 16 and that no one answered, so she can do her thing now.

You hang up and see Suzy start to push the maid’s cart towards room 16.

You go back to the back office, hoping that there is some coffee there, so you can make a cup.

“Nothing is like a fresh stir of an instant coffee mix in the morning.” you think to yourself.

You make your coffee and walk back to the front office.

As you are taking a sip, trying hard not to burn you lips or spill any, you see Suzy running past the front office outside. You can hear her screaming.

“AAAAAAAAHHH!” Suzy screams.

You quickly put your coffee down on the front desk and run out the door yelling at Suzy.

“What the hell?!” you shout.

Suzy is way ahead of you and running down the side of the highway, still screaming, even though it’s getting harder to hear her as she gets further and further away.

“What the FUCK!” you think to yourself.

Was that blood on her uniform?

“Whatever those people were on in that nightclub last night, she must have been doing herself for breakfast. Bath salts in-fucking-deed!” you think.

You turn back around after yelling her name one last time.

You look over toward room 16 and see the maid’s cart in front of the door, and the door is slightly ajar.

You begin walking quickly toward room 16.

As you get to the door, you notice the red-stained towels on the ground ,outside the door.

“What the fuck?” you repeat again in your head.

“Hello. Is everything OK in here? Hello. It’s check out time.”

You slowly push the door open a little more.

As the sun shines through the door into the room, you can make out what looks like two people crunched over on the floor, near the foot of the bed farthest from you. There is something around their feet.

“Hello……” you ask.

“Hello, is everything all right?” you stammer.

You are standing in the doorway now. None of them are responding to you. You hear what sounds like growling and moaning. It almost sounds like a bunch of ravenous, wild dogs feeding on something.

Then you notice it. As the sunlight slowly lights up the room, you see the blood all over the walls. There is blood everywhere.

“What the fuck happened here” you think out loud..

One of the people suddenly raises their head, not to acknowledge you, but to help it swallow what looks like a human finger.

You freeze.

“What the fuck, what the fuck….” you think, panicking.

You can’t move…. You are in a shock like you have never been in before.

All the options and scenarios start running though your head, but it’s like you are not even listening to yourself and you’re not being heard.

You snap back into it , realizing you’ve got to do something quick!

1) Slowly back out of the door and run back to the office to call the police and owner.

2) Slowly back out of the door and make a bee line to your vehicle and get the fuck out of here.

3) Go in to the room to try and get a better look of what’s going on and see if someone needs help.

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