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 1,225 total views,  3 views today You turn from the woman and rush down the pathway to room 16. Just before you enter the room you turn to see the woman hobbling after you, her arms outstretched, an unnatural moan coming from her throat. You step into the room and shut the door, turning the deadbolt. When … Read moreIs Anyone There?

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 1,228 total views,  3 views today You grab the gun and hold it in front of you as you near the office door. The zombie woman is still standing there, beating uselessly at the door. You unlock the door and yank it open, letting her swing though the air once more and miss, which causes her to … Read morePow Pow Sucka!

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 1,379 total views,  1 views today You turn from the woman and run the short way back into the office, taking care to lock the door behind you. With the three glass walls you can see the woman easily, and she can see you. She walks after you, positioning herself against the door where she pushes against … Read moreBack To The Office

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 1,266 total views,  2 views today You’re done with this, and you know what you have to do. You step forward and swing your fist, connecting solidly with the woman’s jaw. So solidly in fact that it breaks with a sickening crunch, and sound so disgusting that your dinner is now in your mouth. You swallow it … Read moreI’ve Seen Enough Movies

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 1,391 total views,  2 views today You gun it. Fuck this lady, something crazy is going on and Sarah needs you. This woman could be a psycho killer for all you know. You slam on the gas and your tires skid for a moment, throwing gravel up towards the office, pelting the glass wall hard enough that … Read moreRun The Bitch Over!

A Choose Your Own Zombie Adventure