One Night Dead

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You decide to take a quick walk around the parking lot.

This would also let the people in room 16 know you’re there if they notice, either as a warning or a comfort. It also makes you feel a little better, like you actually have a job to do.

You throw up a small sign in the front window that reads “Back in 5 mins” and then go out the office door. All seems quiet as it’s a pretty calm night anyway.

You lock the office door and turn around facing the parking lot of the motel.

Only two vehicles in the lot; the contractors dirty pickup truck, closer to you and the office, and the vehicle in the back corner belonging to room 16.

You’re carrying your little flashlight and turn it on. It’s not that it’s too dark out, as there are lights around the motel to give the parking lot a bit of light. The flashlight is for making you feel more official.

You begin walking toward the first corner and room 10. It’s so quiet that your footsteps sound like they would wake someone up that was sleeping here.

You flash your light on the plate number of the pickup truck. You’ve done this a few times now, since it’s been here a while. Again, it’s all part of the act; looking and feeling official. You are rounding the first corner and heading towards the new arrivals.

Not a sound. No TV on or light on in the room, at least that you can tell from here.


Only your footsteps.

As you get closer to the room, you think you can hear something. Like the faintest moaning. Maybe snoring? You’re not sure. Suddenly the silence of the night seems so loud that you can’t make out if a noise is actually coming from the room.

You pause to listen……..

“ALL ABOARD!….HaHaHaHaHa…..” the voice of Ozzy Osbourne echoes though the parking lot.

You jump suddenly wishing you didn’t have the beginning of ”Crazy Train” as your text ringtone.

It’s a text from your friend Bruce who now lives and works in the city.

“Dude, did you see the news? The drugs are running fucking wild 2nite! How’s Sarah? She ok?” glowing at you from the backlit screen.

Your racing heart suddenly comes to a stop. What the fuck is going on now? You quickly start making your way back to the office while trying to hit your girlfriend’s number on the speed dial.

You heard from Sarah before heading to work, and wished her a fun night out with the girls.

You try to balance the phone between your shoulder and ear as you’re unlocking the door to the office. You can hear it starting to ring. You get the door open and rush to the back office and turn on the TV.

Still no answer.

You switch to the local cannel on the TV and see a scene outside of what looks like a club in the city near by. There are police cars and lights flashing around the outside of the place. A reporter is speaking…….. Volume…..Volume…….

You crank up the volume as quick as you can and catch the end of what the reporter is saying…….

“It’s unknown at this time the number of injuries that may have taking place, or the reasons behind it. There appears to have been some sort of brawl that may have broken out, here at “The Night Flash”. Reports so far are that people were attacking each other before the police were called in. It seems now that the police may have things under control. We will report more as soon as we learn more details. This is ……” the voice of the reporter is cut off by the remote in your hand.

The TV image slowly fades and you realize that your phone is still ringing. You press end on your phone and quickly start typing Sarah a text message.

“Hey, how are things? Everything cool there? Let me know ASAP.” you type.

You hit send and return back to you friend Bruce’s message to reply.

“Ya, just saw the news now. Looks like just another night out in the city. Haven’t heard from Sarah but sure things are fine.” you type, more to reassure yourself than Bruce.

You feel a little relieved and calm down a bit, as you’re sure Sarah and her friends weren’t at that club. It’s not their kind of scene.

Suddenly you hear Ozzy’s laugh again. It’s Sarah.

“Sorry I missed your call. All is fine. Didn’t hear the phone. Will ring you when we get back to the Hotel. Luvs.” you read, taking a big, relaxing breath.

All is ok. You go back out into the front office to have a quick look, lock the door and put the “Please Ring Bell” sign in the window.

You’re feeling a little tired now from your little scare and decide it’s time to get some rest.

You dim the lights and go to the back office, sit back in your lazy boy and turn the TV back on. Nothing new is on the news. In fact, it’s gone back to the Late Night Classic, Friday night movie.

You’ve seen it before. “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things”. A classic but one you’ve seen.

“This should help me sleep.” you think to yourself.

The movie is at the scene where the nerdy guy is saying “I just peed my pants!”

You laugh and think, “Ha ha, I almost did the same a few minutes back.”

Suddenly your phone rings and a photo of you and Sarah appears on the screen.

You answer and Sarah says that everything is fine. They had a great time and are back at their Hotel now. You didn’t bother mentioning about the club brawl you saw on the news and that you were worried. That would just not be the manly thing to do. Instead you just wish her a good night and tell her you’ll see her tomorrow evening, back at the house.

Almost 1:30am now.

Time to get some sleep.

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