One Night Dead

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You look out the window of the front office one last time.

Everything looks normal. You lock the door and put the “Please Ring Bell” sign in the window. You dim the lights and head to the back office.

Time for some Late Night Movie Classics.

You cozy on up in the lazy boy and turn on the TV. The local channel always shows some late night classic horror movie on Friday nights. It always helps you get a good snooze.

You turn to channel 3 and the movie is not on.

Instead you see a scene in front of a nightclub in the city. It’s the news and a news reporter is saying something.

…….. Volume…..Volume…….

You crank up the volume as quick as you can and catch the end of what the reporter is saying…….

“It’s unknown at this time the number of injuries that may have taken place, or the reasons behind them. It appears that some sort of brawl may have broken out here at “The Night Flash”. Reports so far are that people were attacking each other before the police were called in. It seems now that the police may have things under control. We will report more as soon as we learn more details. This is ……” the TV is cut off by the remote in your hand.

You quickly turn off the TV and reach for you phone.

“Gotta call Sarah and make sure she’s all right.” you think to yourself.

The phone starts ringing……..

After a few rings you hear a “Hello….”

There is music in the background.

“Hey, it’s me…..everything alright there?” you ask with concern.

“Ya, we’re having a blast! We’ll be heading back to the Hotel soon. Why? What’s up?”
Sarah asks.

“Oh, nothing. Was just hoping you were having a good one. Alrightly, have a cold one for me. I gotta work a bit late tomorrow, but I’ll still see you back at the house tomorrow evening. Nighty-night” you conclude.

“Ok, Hun. See ya tomorrow”. says Sarah.

You had to keep the conversation short and sweet to prevent any damage to your manly image.

You feel much better now and turn the TV back on. It’s back to the Late Night Movie.
“‘Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things”. A classic indeed.!

No problem catching some shut eye now.

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