One Night Dead

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You roll over in the lazy boy chair in the back office, not conscious that the sound had even startled you.

You shift and turn, still sleeping, trying to get into a comfortable position.

The thump had briefly interrupted your thought process as you were dreaming. You were thinking of your girlfriend, and how you were relieved she was okay. It was the next day, early evening and you both were cozy on the sofa getting ready to watch a movie, which is what you normally did on a Saturday evening.


This time you opened your eyes, this time the sound got your attention. As you slowly regain consciousness, you recognize the sound being something like a bird flying into a window.

‘What the fuck is it now?” you say to yourself as you slowly sit up.

You look at your watch as your eyes struggle to focus on the numbers “4:25 am.”

You pause and listen again before you attempt to stand up.


You decide you might as well check it out now, so you grab the handle to lower the foot rest on the lazy boy.

You stand up, stretch and walk towards the front office.

As your eyes scan, left to right through the glass of the three front windows, you don’t see anything out of the ordinary.

As your gaze moves back across the room you notice something on the door.

“What the fuck is that?!” you think to yourself.

You look up again at the parking lot, and as you squint you notice that the door to room 16 appears to be ajar.

You walk closer to the office door and look more closely at the window. There is a long stain streaking across it. It appears to be a blood smear across the glass.

You rub your eyes and bend over to get a closer look at the markings on the door.

“Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!”

Once again, Mr.Osbourne’s voice from your ringtone scares the shit out of you!

As your heart is rapidly beating, you look down at your phone to see the photo of you and Sarah shining back at you.

“Something is wrong.” You think to yourself.

You just know it. She wouldn’t be calling you at this time if there wasn’t something wrong.

Your heart floods with fear, making you not want to hit the answer button on the keypad below the photo of the two of you in a happy moment.

Snapping out of it, you press the button and hold the phone to your ear.

You give a desperate “Hello?”

Expecting a reply you hear nothing but the sounds of sirens in the background.

“Hello?” you yell at the phone. “Hello, Sarah. You there? Is everything okay?” Sarah!”

Finally, her voice quivering and shaking, you hear:.

“Hun, there’s….there’s….something wrong here…..”

She sounds panicked and breathing heavily as if she has been running.

“Sarah! Sarah! What is it? Sarah!” you respond in your own panicked voice.

“….I don’t know…what is going on…This….this…can’t be real…..I……AH!”

The sounds of what seems to be like a car crash fade through your phone.

“Sarah! ” you scream back at it. “….this…this…isn’t happening. Hun…I need you…I…this can’t be real!”

Suddenly there is silence.

“Sarah! Sarah!”


You hold your phone in front of your face only to notice that the call has been ended.
You quickly hit the redial button and listen as your heart feels like it has stopped.

It rings. You look around through the office windows again as you press your phone against your ear. There is no answer.

Suddenly you remember that open door at room 16 and glance back over in that direction, phone still against your ear.

Nothing has changed. Your phone still echoes the ringing of Sarah’s phone and door of room 16 remains slightly ajar with no movement anywhere.

“What the fuck is going on!” you say out loud.

You hit ‘End’ on your phone and quickly try calling Sarah’s friends that she was with in the city.

You get the same results. No answer.

You begin to panic even more as you try to think straight and decide what you’re going to do.

1) Try Sarah again in a few minutes, in the meantime head over to room 16 to see if everything is alright.

2) Grab the office phone, call room 16 and see if everything is okay. Then call Mr. Burrows and tell him there has been an emergency and you have to leave.

3) FUCK THIS! Throw the closed sign on the door, grab your keys, lock up, jump in your car and head to the city to find Sarah.

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