One Night Dead

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With a newfound confidence, you take a deep breath and walk towards the door.

Hesitating for merely a moment, you wrap your fingers around the old latch, slowly unhooking it. You hold the door in place, silently talking yourself into going out there.

Slowly, you pull the door open, half expecting the bitch to lunge at you; half expecting her to merely stumble into the room. You peek around the edge of it, only to come face to face with one of the most horrifying creatures you’ve ever seen. Her – its? She seems a bit more like an ‘it’ now – face is peeling, covered in claw-like marks. It seems as if she had gotten into a fight. Maybe the woman who screamed earlier was one of this… monster’s victims. Or… maybe the scream belonged to the figure in front of you.

You aren’t entirely sure.

You step back quickly, sucking in a hard breath. The figure twitches toward you, getting closer and closer with each passing second. With each step she takes, you take a farther one – but it isn’t long until your back hits the wall. There isn’t much room in this office, after all.

You curse yourself loudly in your mind, wondering why the hell you hadn’t thought this through more.

Once she gets close enough, you reel your fist back and hit her cheek as hard as you can. She lets out an inhuman shriek, as she stumbles backwards.

Taking the only chance you might get, you make a run for the door, only to trip on a loose cable. You let out an ‘oomph!’ as your body hits the floor, and the screaming in your mind gets louder. You crawl forward, attempting to get as far away from this woman as you can. Before you get very far, you feel her boney fingers wrapping around your ankle.

You jerk your leg hard, kicking her even harder in the face, but she’s barely fazed. Her grip tightens, as she tugs at your leg. Your panic rises; adrenaline begins coursing through your veins.

With as much strength as you can muster, you hit her square in the face with the sole of your sneaker. This time, her grip on your ankle loosens if only for a second – but that’s more than long enough for you to slip away.

You scramble to your feet and slip through the doorway, jogging as fast as you can to your car. You snatch the keys from your pocket and struggle with finding the right one. Finally, you’re able to jerk open the door of your car and hop inside. Once you’re in, you waste no time with starting the ignition and peeling out of the motel parking lot.

But just as you begin to head toward the city, Jack’s words from earlier begin ringing in your ears. There were three tenants that checked in this morning… you only saw one. But there was blood on that woman’s jaw and blouse, right? The other tenants had to be dead… there was no way they could still be alive. They would’ve come out and helped you. Or… at least said something.

You struggle slightly with your decision.

1) Head to the city. There’s no way anyone could’ve survived that monster!

2) Go check out the rest of room 16. If there’s anyone else alive, you can’t just leave them here!


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