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 1,316 total views,  1 views today With a newfound confidence, you take a deep breath and walk towards the door. Hesitating for merely a moment, you wrap your fingers around the old latch, slowly unhooking it. You hold the door in place, silently talking yourself into going out there. Slowly, you pull the door open, half expecting … Read moreShove The Bitch!

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 1,348 total views,  1 views today As quietly as you can, you step back through the office door and lock it behind you. Even though you couldn’t tell what the figure is, you could tell it wasn’t a smart situation to be in. You know it’s your job to watch after the motel and its tenants, but … Read moreStep Back and Lock The Door!

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 1,291 total views,  1 views today Carefully, you begin to move towards the figure, holding your hands out as if approaching an animal. Still, the figure doesn’t seem to notice you; doesn’t even seem to know what’s going on. Every now and then, its head bobs back and forth, seemingly attempting to stand up straight. As you … Read moreHead Over To Room 16

A Choose Your Own Zombie Adventure