One Night Dead

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Time is frozen;

you’re still standing there, slack-jawed like an idiot, for you don’t know how long. You’re frozen in terror as you watch two seemingly oblivious, gore covered people eat…well eat what looks like a third person.

Your own mind doesn’t want to believe it. I mean it can’t.

“This isn’t real. It can’t be real.” you think to yourself. “I’m having a nightmare.”

You look, but you can’t speak. You desperately want to say something, anything. You hope that suddenly they’ll turn toward you and say “got you!” and roll around on the floor laughing.

“Yeah it’s just… it’s just Jack and Sarah and her friends playing an elaborate prank on you. That must be it.” you try to reassure yourself

Then you hear a ripping noise and a wet “Slurp” as one of the gore covered people chokes back a gallbladder, swallowing it near whole.

You stare in disbelief. Your will finally manages to make your foot take one step closer. Your voice still escapes you. You’re in shock and your thoughts go blank.

You make another step and your foot makes a wet squish on the blood and viscera soaked carpet.

The noise doesn’t get the attention of the creatures on the floor, but it does bring your thought process back enough that you think you can speak.

“A…are you…uh…what…what is…” your voice keeps catching in your throat. “are…you…o…ok?”

That got their attention. They look up at you, eyes devoid and blank of intelligence.

“AAARRRKKK” is the only response they give, voices sounding dry and scratchy.

Their eyes are wide with a mixture of anger and hunger. They begin to lunge toward you, somewhat shaky on their legs.

You’re frozen. You’re in shock; you can’t believe this is happening. You’re expecting it to still be a gag, but you’re so scared you are frozen. You notice one of the flesh eaters has sad looking eyes. You stare into those eyes for what seems like an eternity, wondering if the person is even thinking or on drugs, if they can see anything. You can’t move until they have shambled across the blood-soaked orange shag carpet and bare their teeth.

As they bare down on you your gaze on the sad looking person breaks. You’re finally able to move, you struggle to react, fighting them off in an attempt to save yourself, but it’s too little too late. As they begin to sink their teeth into your flesh you find your voice. As their canines, sunk into your flesh, begin to pull and tear at the meat of your arm and stomach you scream for help hoping someone will hear you.

Then everything goes black.


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