One Night Dead

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You slowly back out of the doorway. Then you turn and bolt.

“Fuck this! I don’t get paid enough at this joke-of-a-fucking-job to deal with this bullshit.” you think.

As you run across the parking lot, you realize that your motion must have gotten someone’s attention in the room. You hear scuttling and groaning like the gore covered people are slowly crawling out of the doorway, and one of the creatures lets out another groan. The sound is somehow desperate and bloodthirsty at the same time.

Thankfully your hand is already in your pockets searching for your keys on the way to the car.

You hit the car at full speed, key already out, clumsily aimed at the door lock.

You fumble for maybe a second, but it feels like a year.

You open the door, hop in, and close it behind you, just in time to look up and see these two angry looking creatures shambling across the parking lot, glaring at you unblinkingly.

You look up at the angry blood-soaked face of the man who had just been swallowing the human finger in the hotel room. He looks human, but changed. You’re not sure how much of it is the gore of human flesh on his face, and how much is him, but you can tell that his face and body look slightly emaciated. The cheeks are sunken and brow ridges more pronounced than usual. You don’t even have the time to consider whether the man looked like this to begin with, perhaps a heroin addict, or if this is a change caused by whatever drug is causing this insanity.

And then you notice the eyes. Sad looking eyes. They almost seem to reflect the sunlight. You stare into its eyes. It seems to calm and stare back into yours as it approaches the car door, staring at you through the car window now. Time freezes as you both stare into each others eyes. As you continue to hold silent eye contact, without looking down, your hand slowly crawls along the car door interior, your fingers walking towards the power door lock button.

Your finger finds the button and presses it, causing the little tab to lower with a slam, securing you in your protective cocoon of metal and glass. The man’s eyes flicker down at the lock and for a moment you could swear that you see a look of recognition in his eyes.

Whatever the look was, it seems to register something within the pit of the gore covered creature’s soul and unleash a fury. The man groans angrily, glaring through the glass and at rears back, repeatedly pounding its body against the door in rage. The man’s violent protestations do very little to the car unless you count cutting his own shoulder open and bleeding on the car.

A quick glance out the windshield informs you that the other inhabitant of the room, the woman, is standing in front of you. Her clothes are matted in blood. She stares at you from just beyond your hood looking angry and blood-thirsty. You notice those sad eyes again.

You slide the key into the ignition and turn on the engine. That seems to upset the female flesh eater, who lets out an angry groan and glares angrily just as the man did.

“Fuck you too, lady” you mutter to yourself as you throw the car into reverse.

The quick reverse motion of the car causes the male to tumble sideways to the ground, stumbling on feet encrusted with dried blood.

The female breathes in and then belts out a horrible angry groan.

You drop the car into drive and hit the gas.

“Shut the fuck up!” you yell as you barrel toward the muck covered woman.

Her body slams full force into the grill of your car as you hit her, full speed. Her body slaps against the hood briefly before momentum sends her spinning airborne over the roof and plummeting back onto the hard asphalt behind your spinning tires.

As your car speeds away, her body lands head first with a loud crunch. Flopping in half her body hunches and lets out a loud snap as her spine cracks in half. The end of her spine still attached to her skull bursts forth from her flesh. Chunks of human meat flop out and away from the wound as a torrent of blood sprays from the exposed spine, glistening in the midday sun.

As you leave the parking lot, you look in your rearview mirror to see that the man has regained his composure, standing next to the body of the woman and glaring at you as pull away. He is barely noticing the exposed organs of his former partner in flesh-eating crime.

Frightened and disgusted, you turn your attention to the road and your mind reels with thoughts; is Suzy ok? Could Sarah have run into something like this last night? I’ve got to get to the cops. As you quickly begin to debate your choice of action, your car engine begins to knock and the needle hits “E” on your gas gauge.

You decide:

1) The gas will hold out for a little while longer. You should drive down the street and see if you can find Suzy first.

2) Peel out to the nearest gas station, get gas and tell the people there what happened and ask them to call the cops.

3) Tear out of there, head towards the city to look for your girlfriend and get gas and help on the way .


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