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 1,272 total views,  1 views today You slowly back out the door, then turn and bolt. “HOLY FUCK!” you scream involuntarily as you run for the office door. Either your running or that scream got their attention, because you can hear the groaning and shambling of the two occupants toward the door of the hotel room. You … Read moreRun to the Office

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 1,778 total views,  1 views today Time is frozen; you’re still standing there, slack-jawed like an idiot, for you don’t know how long. You’re frozen in terror as you watch two seemingly oblivious, gore covered people eat…well eat what looks like a third person. Your own mind doesn’t want to believe it. I mean it can’t. “This … Read moreInvestigate

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 1,510 total views,  2 views today You slowly back out of the doorway. Then you turn and bolt. “Fuck this! I don’t get paid enough at this joke-of-a-fucking-job to deal with this bullshit.” you think. As you run across the parking lot, you realize that your motion must have gotten someone’s attention in the room. You hear … Read moreGet to the Car

A Choose Your Own Zombie Adventure