One Night Dead

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You decide to take the knife.

With your luck you’d shoot yourself as easily as shooting a zombie! You pick up the knife and move towards the door. The woman is still banging on the door and you take a moment to really look at her. Besides a few bruises and some torn cloths the only real wound you can see is a large bite taken out of her upper arm. “Its just like in all the old movies…” you mutter to yourself. “Well whatever I do I cant let her bite or scratch me.”

You build up your courage and unlock the door. You quickly shove the door back right as she go’s to slam into it again knocking her off her feet! You quickly leap foreword and slam the knife into her eye socket with all your strength (witch was probably overkill, but with all that adrenaline coursing through your veins you probably couldn’t have done otherwise) and it slices through her brain and slams into the concrete bending the blade to the side!

Your not getting that weapon back unless you want to push it all the way through and it probably wouldn’t work well anyway. After glancing around to make shore her other roommates aren’t around you head back into the office to grab the gun; because you figure its probably better to have a Crappy weapon than to have no weapon. After grabbing your gun and jogging out to the car you hop in and start it up. Now you have a decision to make. You know Jack has some pretty cool mid-level weapons that would kill lots of zombies without attracting more, but you really want to find Sarah and see if she’s ok.

1) Head to Jack’s in the hope you can find some useful weapons.

1) Screw the weapons! I’ve gotta get to the city and find Sarah!.

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