Call the Police and Hide!

One Night Dead

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Without hesitation, you dash towards the back room.

The door is locked!


You remember the key is in the cash register behind the desk. As you turn to look to the desk, a terrible sound catches your ear. The snapping and crackling of wood. Your mind races with thoughts as to what it may be, but you know you have to get the key.
Your feet start moving again, though, not in such a hurry this time. You’re moving, but you don’t feel the urge to go back to the sight of those two again. Just as you think this, the sound of one of the glass windows shattering stops you dead in your tracks.


“The shits hit the fan now,” you think to yourself. And in the light from the hallway, a dark silhouette forms. As it rises up from the other side of the desk, the features begin to show. She is in. You lean forward just enough to start running for the register, but when you get to the desk, you notice the door has been smashed to pieces on the floor. But…
“Where the f-,“ you barely speak loud enough to hear yourself as just then the girl screeches.
You stumble and almost fall to the floor, catching yourself with your left hand. You look up to see the girl has thrown herself across the desk in an attempt to grab you. She seems caught and you realize your chance is open. You manage to get the register open and grab the key before turning to leave.

A brief moan from the girl alerts you that she may be able to get you if you don’t block her reach. In a moment of quick thinking, you grab the computer chair and push it into her face and rush past her. But your efforts are quickly denoted as you turn from the desk to see the man standing between you and the back room.
Standing a mere ten feet away, the sight of him causes your hand to shake.

“So… so much blood…”

The man begins to move toward you and you’ve no other choice but to go through him. You lower yourself a bit and run into a shoulder charge. As you throw him out of your way, one of his hands barely catches your hair but instead scratches down your back.


While he’s on the ground, you hurry to the door and unlock it. You press yourself into the palpable darkness within and lock the door behind you. You immediately notice that there are no windows in this room and that the light is off. All you can make out is a faint blue light, possibly coming from Mr. B’s computer.

“Now where the hell is that light switch…”

Your hands begin feeling around the walls on each side of the door. You also begin to notice that you have begun numbing yourself to the sound of the moans and inhumane screeches coming from the other side of the door.
A tone comes from the computer, and you give up on the light switch. As you’re on your way to the computer, you remember that tone must’ve been from receiving and e-mail.
“Mr. Burrows isn’t in right now…” you joke to yourself. Just before you get to the computer, you feel something tingly pass across your ear.


You flinch, not knowing what it was. However, the metallic feel of it made you think it was a chain for the light.
You regain yourself, “Ah, finally.”

You pull the chain and nothing happens. You pull it again. Still nothing. You reach up to discover there is no light bulb in the socket.
“A-and never mind,” you express in a sarcastically happy tone.
Once you’re at the computer you feel around the face of the monitor to find the power button. Once you click it on, the light from the generic background lights up a little bit of the room. You can make out where the gun cabinet is, the water heater, and a couple racks of random office supplies.

You feel tenseness in your hand that’s holding the phone.
“Oh yeah,” you begin, “that’s right.”
You pull the phone up and try to figure out why it’s not lighting up when you press the buttons. Upon investigation, it appears the back of the phone had fallen off along with the battery. You think it must’ve happened when you were rushing around.
“This just gets better and better, huh?” you think to yourself. You pull open a drawer from the desk that the computer monitor is on and pull out a piece of paper with a series of numbers on it. You then go over to the gun cabinet and enter these numbers into the number pad on the door.

Inside, you notice two different shotguns, and a handgun. On a shelf at the top of the cabinet you count two boxes of 9mm ammo, and extra pistol mag, a box of 12 gauge shotgun slugs as well as a box of 16 gauge shotgun shells. You immediately grab the handgun and check to find that both the clips are already loaded. As you slip it into your right pocket and the extra mag into your left, you are drawn to the computer again as another e-mail had been sent to it.
The subject line read, “Confirmation.”
“Confirmation of what?” you ask yourself.

Stuck in a room with only one way out and little light, you figure you should think of a way to get out or get help. But, something definitely seemed off-setting about that e-mail.

1) Check the e-mails to see what’s going on.
2) Grab the guns and get ready to move!
3) Try to message a friend or family member for help.

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