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 1,270 total views You decide it’s time to make your way out of hiding and get out of the area. You grab the first shotgun and immediately notice its’ the 12 gauge. It’s a short barreled Mossberg with a black and blue finish. This one also had a sling hooked onto each end. You load a … Read moreGet Ready To Move!

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 1,309 total views You decide to check the e-mails. Who would be sending “confirmation” e-mails during a time like this anyways? You reluctantly drag the cursor over the “Open” button on the small dialogue box. The page reads: Subject: Confirmation Sender: Cpl. Stewart My CO is asking for your confirmation code on Project Black Death. I … Read moreCheck E-mails

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 1,321 total views Without hesitation, you dash towards the back room. The door is locked! “Shit!” You remember the key is in the cash register behind the desk. As you turn to look to the desk, a terrible sound catches your ear. The snapping and crackling of wood. Your mind races with thoughts as to what … Read moreCall the Police and Hide!

A Choose Your Own Zombie Adventure