One Night Dead

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You grab the gun and hold it in front of you as you near the office door.

The zombie woman is still standing there, beating uselessly at the door. You unlock the door and yank it open, letting her swing though the air once more and miss, which causes her to stumble forward. You raise the gun, confident in your aim at this close of rang. You pull the trigger and there’s a deafening boom and the gun jerks so forcefully you almost drop it. But the woman’s head disappears in a cloud of crimson and her body falls to the floor. You did it! Feeling like a hot shot you jam the gun into the waist of your pants like you’ve seen in the movies, screaming in shock and pain when the barrel is revealed to be scalding hot, burning your thigh.

You reach down and quickly make to jerk the gun out of your pants, wrapping your fingers around the handle and squeezing the trigger accidentally. Way to go Rambo, you just shot your own dick off. The pain is unlike anything you’ve ever felt, and you slump to the floor. You can’t do anything but watch the red spot appear on the front of your pants, spreading as you bleed out. You come back though, just one more zombie. You worry you may be the only zombie shuffling around with no dick, but a few months down the road you find a naked guy who looks to have died in a dog attack, and his snausage has been eaten, which makes having your shot off not seem like that big of a deal, when you really think about it. Except you can’t think about it, because you’re a fucking zombie.

A dickless zombie.


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