One Night Dead

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You’re done with this, and you know what you have to do.

You step forward and swing your fist, connecting solidly with the woman’s jaw. So solidly in fact that it breaks with a sickening crunch, and sound so disgusting that your dinner is now in your mouth. You swallow it back down, but here it is again when you look at the woman. Her jaw is crooked now, hanging loosely and wagging with each step forward she takes. Her tongue is swollen and black, hanging limply from her mouth.

“What is wrong with you?” You wonder aloud, but then she’s on you again, grabbing for your shirt. You’ve had enough. You shove the woman backwards, watching as she stumbles and falls back against your car before rolling off of it and landing face first on the pavement.

Adrenalin is coursing through you now and you take three giant steps forward and lift you foot high above the woman’s head before bringing it down, pushing the sole of you sneakers through the back of her head and popping each of her eyes beneath your foot on the pavement. Gore coats your leg from foot to knee, and the smell of the inside of the woman’s head is nauseating. You remove your foot from her brains and stumble over a few parking spaces before doubling over and vomiting all over. Now what?

1) Go into the office once more, something is going on and maybe the internet can help.

2) Get in your car and head after Sarah.


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