One Night Dead

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You decide to check the e-mails.

Who would be sending “confirmation” e-mails during a time like this anyways?
You reluctantly drag the cursor over the “Open” button on the small dialogue box.

The page reads:

Subject: Confirmation
Sender: Cpl. Stewart

My CO is asking for your confirmation code on Project Black Death. I have to ask for your designator, your ID, and your current Base of Operation. I’ve also been asked to record your last two video journal logs.
There’s rumor that the Catalyst might’ve defected. Watch yourself.
Now what could that mean?
You decide to see if you can find some more e-mails that may clarify what that was above. One catches your eye with the subject of “Serum 872.”

Subject: Serum 872
Sender: Dr. McNally

Our research on you proposed chemical make-up for the project has turned up positive. In light of your efforts, we’ve got a low-key designation for you to begin your work out of. A small motel, you’ll hardly be bothered.
Currently, we are wiring you some funds to get the place up and running enough to keep you under the radar. But, you’ll still have some freedom.
We look forward to good things from you, Burrows. Don’t screw this up.
“ It couldn’t be,” you begin to choke on your words.

Has he really been a part of this? Did he do “that” to those people? You find several more e-mails that almost blatantly state the same thing. A series of blueprint were also sent in the e-mails, all of which being variants on possible set-ups for what was to be “his lab.” And he even had those e-mails grouped together in a folder called “R16.”

The information shocks you to an extent that you hardly realize what to do any more. What could I do? How could I try to get out of this situation? You think through a few very simple ideas;

1) Go check room 16 for the secret lab and Mr. Burrows
2) Gear up and shoot your way to your car
3) Sit tight for another hour or so and see what happens

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