One Night Dead

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You decide to barricade the door.

Even though this strange woman might be able to break through the lock after a while, a barricade will keep you safer – way safer than trying to go out there and fight. The woman’s got blood on her, for Christ’s sake!

Looking around, the office desk seems like the best thing to push right up against the door. Although, that recliner is awfully big… maybe that should be pushed first, then the desk behind it. Does it really make a difference which way they go, if they’re all pushing up against the same thing?

‘Yes, it does matter,’ you think. ‘The desk should definitely go first.’ You walk around to the other side of it and begin pushing towards the door. It budges only a little bit each time you push it because of the things inside, which isn’t as fast as you’d like. You hear her against the door again and again, making that moaning sound. It’s starting to really terrify you.

After a few minutes of heavy pushing, the desk is finally up against the door. You still hear her making the weird noises and trying to get in, but you feel safer now. At least a little bit, that is. Your next move is to get that big old recliner up against the desk.

This is actually easier to move, since it isn’t filled with stuff. It’s just large and awkward to move. You push it up against the desk, as close as you possibly can. She’s still hitting the door, but it’s unlikely she can get through. Could she really be that strong, even if she’s dangerous? You don’t like the stories you’ve been hearing. This woman has got to be part of everything that’s going on in the city. There doesn’t seem to be another explanation.

You decide to not push the other chair anywhere. It weighs nothing and you’d like somewhere to sit. The same goes for the little table. They wouldn’t make a difference to this woman if she got through, so you figure it’s not worth the extra effort. You just want to sit down and catch your breath. It was only a little bit of manual labor, but still more than you’re used to. You need to calm down and let your heart rate settle if you’re going to have to act quickly again.

Hearing the woman bang up against the door again and again is really frightening. Whose blood is on her lips? Certainly not hers, and that’s a pretty goddamn awful thought. Did she kill somebody? Was it someone she knew, that was staying with her, or did she lure someone in? Her eyes make it seem like she doesn’t even realize what she’s doing, so she probably didn’t do any luring.

She’s still making that grim moaning noise. ‘Just give up, goddamn it!’ you think. ‘Leave me the hell alone.’

You sit, watching the desk shake ever so slightly. Does that mean she’s almost able to break through? That the lock is ready to break and she’ll be able to come right in? You tell yourself you’re just being paranoid, but are you really? No, not so much. It’s not paranoid to be afraid of someone who’s trying to get into where you are, covered in blood… that’s normal. She is definitely a threat and it isn’t possible to be too worried.

It’s not enough, you realize, to just have a desk and a recliner barricading the door. It’s not heavy enough, not stable enough… ‘If only there were a large, heavy bookcase in the office,’ you think. Something like that would probably be too strong to knock over, especially by someone who doesn’t seem to be all that strong. You shake your head. You can’t think about “what ifs” when something so important is happening right here and now. There isn’t a magical bookshelf, and you’ll just have to deal.

You sit there and wait for what feels like hours. Really, it’s only about twenty minutes. You’ve been as quiet as possible, afraid that making any noise might make this woman crazier, stronger, faster… whatever sorts of reactions that could get you killed. You keep hearing her groan and moan, and occasionally it sounds like she’s choking on something or gagging. It’s disgusting. The banging noises the woman is making continue, too, until… CRACK.

The sudden change in noise startles you out of your chair. She continues to push up against the door, but this time it’s clear that she’s gotten through the lock. That has to be what the loud noise was: the lock breaking. It won’t be long before she’s really inside, face to face with you. That’s a terrible thought, since her eyes are all screwed up and she’s making the worst noises. Facing this woman is the last thing you’d like to do right now, or ever.

It turns out that barricading wasn’t enough. You have to do something else, as soon as you can – or you might not make it. You could move all the furniture again and try to ambush her and run away, but would moving everything again take too long? You could also look for something to hurt her with, so that once she’s made it through, you can attack. Or you can wait. Just simply wait it out. Because, really, won’t she eventually give up? She’s made a little bit of progress, but not much, and maybe this will just stop. She’ll move onto another place and try to break in there. Even if she’s crazy and dangerous, she must realize it’s been way too long and nothing’s going to happen.

You need to decide what to do about this woman. If you wait too long, your life may be in danger.

1) Move the furniture back out of the way and try to knock her over.

2) Look for weapons to use on her before she’s fully inside.

3) Wait, hoping that the woman will back off and go somewhere else.

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