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Zombie Guidelines

1) The origin or the reasons for the zombies, or why the outbreak happened can be discussed in your story, but is never a known fact.
2) The style of zombies within this story are a typical, old school style. They are Romero type zombies. – Zombies move based on their freshness and injuries sustained. (example, A freshly new undead corpse may move quicker than one that is decayed and older. A zombie missing a leg would be much slower and reduce its movement ability compared to a zombie with two legs.)
3) Zombies are not super human and if anything, lack a lot of the abilities that humans have, making humans superior to them. (Example, zombies can’t just bite through skulls or certain bones just as a typical human couldn’t)
4) Zombie’s don’t eat brains. They crave the flesh of the living. Once their dinner becomes deceased, they move on and are no longer interested in it.
5) Head shots or destroying the zombie brain may stop them and kill them, but it is unknown at this point of the story.
6) Becoming a zombie is a transfer of fluids – example, saliva, blood, a bite or scratch.
7) Transformation period – 1 ~ 3 hours after actual death from being infected. It would depend on the injury and how long it would take the person to die as well as the relative health of the individual. These guidelines are in place to maintain continuity throughout the story.
New ideas, and differences of opinion are allowed and all submissions are welcome, but may be subject to change or revision rquests at the editor’s discretion due to continuity issues. All written work can end with choices or an end. An end does not have to be in death.

Art submissions

Any type of art, such as; drawings, graphics, video or sound, are welcomed. There are no guidelines to what you would like to submit.


All submissions may be subject to change due to editorial revisions or for the continuity of the story. Multiple submissions are allowed and submissions based on choices already written are allowed. Titles to your stories may be added or changed by us along with ending choices (or added) leading into the next section.  If your submissions of work are published, your work may be subject to comments, suggestions, ratings, corrections, editorial and continuity issues and all forms of criticism.  Your submission may not be used in a final version of the book project. After a period of a month, based on ratings, your work may be added to a final version. You will be credited for your work, but all submissions become the property of the website owner’s at The member that submits any form of work shall grant to the editors, publishers and owners of, a perpetual, non-exclusive, irrevocable, free and royalty free license to publish, reproduce and distribute the material.

Your work will not be published until it’s reviewed by us!

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A Choose Your Own Zombie Adventure